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The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation is working with the scientific community to shortening the cancer research timetable.

From the outset, the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation has recognized the importance of having professional advisors to guide research programs and activities. WGFRF therefore established early on a Scientific Advisory Board to advise the Board of Directors on the scientific activities of the Foundation, the first and enduring commitment being the selection of topics and attendees for the Forbeck Forum.

The WGFRF Scientific Advisory Board is a small rotating committee of individuals representing very senior and well respected physicians and scientists from the arenas of cancer biology and clinical care, drug development, and from broader areas of science that may help drive the mission of the Foundation.  . The Scientific Advisory Board meets once a year, at the time of the Annual Forum.



John Kemshead, MD
Baxter Cellular Therapy

Vice Chairman:

Sara Courtneidge, Ph.D.
Oregon Institute of Health & Sciences


James Amatruda, MD, Ph.D.
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Nabeel Bardeesy, Ph.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital

Kristina Cole, MD, Ph.D.
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Michael Jensen, MD
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Jan Karlseder, Ph.D.
The Salk Institute

Anthony Letai, MD, Ph.D.
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Katherine Matthay, MD
University of California San Francisco

John Minna, MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center


Emeritus Members
Garret M. Brodeur, MD
Webster K. Cavenee, Ph.D.
Bruce A. Chabner, MD
Alan D’Andrea, MD
Isaiah Fidler, DVM, Ph.D.
David E. Fisher, MD, PhD
Arnold Freeman, MD
Ed Harlow, Ph.D.
Michael B. Kastan, MD, Ph.D.
Philip A. Pizzo, MD
Jean Wang, Ph.D.