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The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation is working with the scientific community to shortening the cancer research timetable.

The Foundation’s financial records are audited annually.

The Foundation has established a very sound financial position. Steady growth in income has allowed the Foundation to expand its program to fund additional projects and research initiatives. The Trustees continue to aim at a very high mark – that 85-90% of the total expense goes directly to support scientific programs.

Basis of Support

The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation desires and has a broad base of support. Of major significance to the Foundation are the contributions from many individuals and their families. Many people have chosen to use the Foundation as a fitting memorial gift. A number of corporations and other foundations have also supported the Foundation with contributions, some having very rigorous qualifications for grants.

In recent years, the Foundation’s Scholar Board has raised funds through contributions and events in conjunction with the annual Scholar Retreat held in Lake Geneva, WI.


Historically, 85%-90% of the total expenses go directly to supporting the annual Forum and the Foundation’s scientific related projects.  Membership information costs include the annual newsletter, member mailings, the video and the web page.

Director’s participate at their own expense. Administration expenses include auditing costs, as well as printing and postage expense.