How to Get Involved 

The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation is working with the scientific community to shortening the cancer research timetable.

Sponsor A Scholar


The Foundation greatly appreciates all donations, which go directly towards funding Forbeck Foundation scientific think tanks.  One such Forum is the Scholar Retreat, held annually in Lake Geneva, WI.  Scholar and Mentor attendance at the Retreat involves travel costs, honorariums, meals, housing and general meeting costs, all of which are funded by your generosity.

The Forbeck Foundation has been noted as one of the most tightly financed cancer research organizations. Traditionally, about 85% of the total annual expenses directly support the annual forum, specific Foundation projects, and the annual meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board.  The Scholar Board follows the same financial principals.

For those who like to know exactly where their donation is going, and having more say in how it is put to use, consider participating in

“Sponsor A Scholar.”

 Each year four new scholars are selected to attend the Retreat, a 4 year program.  Your pledge of $1,000 each year (totaling $4,000) will directly support a Scholar’s participation in the think tank. 


Sponsor recognition

 An individual scholar will be identified with your pledge.

You will be invited to the Thursday night Kick-Off Dinner with the Scientists.

Receive (2) tickets to the Blue Jean Ball.

Sponsors are recognized at the event, in the annual newsletter and on the web site.

To learn more about Forbeck Scholars please read their biographies at If you would like to Sponsor A Scholar this year, next year or for all four years, please contact for a list of available Scholars.