WGFRF Scientific Activities

The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation is working with the scientific community to shortening the cancer research timetable.

Advances in Neuroblastoma Research (ANR) meets every other year.  This meeting provides a key opportunity for research scientists, clinicians, early career fellows, nurses and other allied health care workers to be updated on the latest basic, translational and clinical research developments in the field of childhood neuroblastoma.  There will also be strong engagement of parents and supporters with specific program content.  This meeting also provides an opportunity for families and foundations to find the best resources to help patients affected by Neuroblastoma.

The 2014 meeting was held in Cologne, Germany, and the 2016 meeting will be held in Cairns, Australia. The Forbeck Foundation strongly supports ANR and its efforts in facilitating international communication between researchers in Neuroblastoma.

In 2014, Jennifer Forbeck, Founder of WGFRF and John Kemshead, Ph.D., Chairmen of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Forbeck Foundation, attended the event.  During ANR the Forbeck Foundation was recognized for 30 years of work on the Neuroblastoma Staging Response System which has led to the initial Staging System used for Neuroblastoma as well as the International Neuroblastoma Research Group data base (INRGdb), which the Foundation continues to fund.

In addition, the Foundation was recognized for its work in the starting the International Neuroblastoma Consortium.  This is a collective of foundations around the world that are uniting to help fund crucial international programs and create resources for people around world of charitable organizations who support Neuroblastoma.  Garrett Brodeur, Emeritus member of the Scientific Advisory Board, was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in Neuroblastoma. In listing his achievements, it was noted that he participated in every international staging, response effort since its inception and chaired several of the earliest meetings.

It is always encouraging to see these hundreds of researchers, clinicians, nurses and families gathering together to fight Neuroblastoma.