WGFRF Scientific Activities

The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation is working with the scientific community to shortening the cancer research timetable.

In 1997, the Directors and Scientific Advisory Board of the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation decided to expand the activities of the Foundation by offering Focus Meeting Award to support small meetings that would follow a similar discussion-based model to the annual Forbeck Forum. However, unlike the Forum which is organized and overseen by the Foundation and its Scientific Advisory Board, Focus Meetings but were to be proposed and organized by a scientist or clinician from the general cancer community.  Initially, the Foundation limited applicants to individuals who had already participated in a Forbeck Forum. This would ensure the quality of applications to be high, and that applicants were familiar both with the goals of the Foundation and the Forum-style format. Between 1999 and 2004, the Foundation sponsored a series of Focus Meetings covering a broad range of topics.

In 2010, the Foundation remodeled the concept of the Focus Meetings and restricted applicants only to those who were, or had previously been, Forbeck Scholar Award recipients. Application opportunities are offered once every two years. The concept of doing this was to provide an opportunity for young scientists to organize a ‘Junior Forbeck Forum’. As a result, Focus Meetings became a vehicle to further the research and professional development of Forbeck Scholars.

While smaller in scale and investment than either the Annual Scientific Forum or the Scholar Retreat, Focus meetings have generated positive outcomes. Moving forward, the Foundation aims to support one Focus Meeting Award per year. The focus of these meetings is to ensure a high quality of science. To ensure Forbeck meeting standards are maintained, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board will observe all Focus Meetings.

Please contact us to request a Focus Meeting, if you are a current or past Forbeck Scholar, or have a Scholar to co-organize the meeting.